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Automating and randomizing pairs for teams that pair program
Coming Soon

I'm still in the building and internal testing phase of this app, but find a few snippets of the initial design process below

A simple app to help randomize, schedule, and automate pairs for teams that pair program
Tools / My Role
Figma, SwiftUI, React, Firebase, Node / UI Design, user research, web development, mobile development, product strategy

After joining a team in which the developers on my team pair program, I saw that their process was manual and tedious. Essentially, a team lead would copy/paste a block of pairs in Slack every morning to designate pairs. But, what if we could make this process less tedious for team leads and managers?

  • What if the team lead could automate this task on a schedule?
  • What if they could pick teams through an interface?
  • What if managers/team leads wanted to look at the history of pairs without having to dig through Slack?
Before/After process flow

Process Flow

Preview for creating and scheduling pairs


Atoms of the design system

Design System

Example UI for sigining in and the 404 route

Log in and 404

Experience for pairing teams on mobile

Mobile screens

Coming Soon

If you're a team that pair programs, I'd love to connect, get feedback on your particular process, and add you to the beta list 😎.

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